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General schedule of the project's activities and events.

All publications are available in each event's page (see side menu).

May 5th 2015 - Padova, AVEPA Head Office


Fighting frauds: legislative framework and models of governance against frauds and corruption


  • Alberto Mingarelli, Corte dei Conti
  • Antonio Sassi, Guardia di Finanza - Anti-fraud Unit
  • Francesco Gurrieri - Ministero delle politiche agricole, alimentari e forestali - MIPAAF
  • Andrea Bordoni, OLAF - European Anti-fraud Office
  • Giovanni Colombo, Transparency International Italia

May 6th 2015 - Padova, AVEPA Head Office

Training course - First part

Risks of fraud: measurement models and analysis supporting tools

From 7th tol 25 may educational activities on the subject of fraud risk analysis coaching via web

May 26th 2015

Training course - Second and final part

Risks of fraud: measurement models and analysis supporting tools

May 27th 2015 - Padova, AVEPA Head Office


Technical and innovative tools and methods in support of CAP geo referencing methods. LPIS, legal landscape and models in order to prevent frauds and corruption. A comparison among European experiences


  • Philippe Loudjani e Paolo Pizziol, Joint Research Centre - MARS Unit GEOCAP Action
  • Gianluca Bevilacqua, CIO AVEPA
  • Representatives of the Payment agencies

In July and September two staff exchanges will be managed between AVEPA and the Paying agencies of Romania and Poland experts; the goal of this activity is to share and to define the best practices and methods to prevent the frauds

September 23rd 2015 - Padova, AVEPA Head Office

Closing conference

New policies adainst fraud in agriculture and shared models of detction and control by the Paying agencies

General contents:

  • the new provisions of law and the initiatives of the European Commission concerning the fraud prevention, detection and correction and other serious irregularities;
  • overview of where and how the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) budget is under a specific fraud risk;
  • fraud risk assessments and the use of adequate IT-tools;
  • knowledge sharing on results of fraud prevention model applications in the three European Paying Agencies-AVEPA (Italy), ARiMR (Poland) and AFIR (Romania).

Goals of the project:

  • update on initiatives and regulation changes of the European Commission concerning fraud prevention;
  • examine in depth the fraud risk assessment and the adequate use of IT-tools;
  • share the results of the staff exchange among the three European Paying Agencies (Italian, Polish and Rumanian Agencies).


  • Peter Baader, Commissione europea - DG AGRI (Agricoltura e sviluppo rurale)
  • Andrea Bordoni, Ufficio europeo per la lotta antifrode (OLAF)
  • Andrea Giovanni Chiusani & Luca Marzegalli, Ernst&Young - Dipartimento Forensics (FIDS)
  • Francesco Rosa, AVEPA (Veneto, Italia)
  • Grzegorz Kepinski, ARiMR (Polonia)
  • Joanna Susabowska, ARiMR (Polonia)
  • Dan Nica, AFIR (Romania)
  • Razvan Bosoanca, AFIR (Romania)
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